Arctic Fur

100x55 cm - Icelandic lambskin long hair - Stone brisa

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Give your home a touch of nature, warmth and charm with lambskin made of Icelandic sheepskin. Icelandic sheep spends the spring and summer on the lush hills and valleys. All the skins were eco-tanned and no animal died to make this product, the skins are a co-product of the meat industry. Being a natural product size may differ +/- 7%. Colors might slightly differ from the pictures, the natural white color can be slightly yellowish as it is unbleached and white and black hair might have single hairs in different colors. Composition: Icelandic sheepskin.Premium quality

100x55 cm - Icelandic lambskin long hair - Stone brisa finns i kategorin 2700. Arctic Fur är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Campadre.

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Varumärke: Arctic Fur
Kategori: 2700
Artikelnummer: P190205781
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