Arctic Fur

110x60 cm - Swedish lambskin - Azur blue

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Give your home a touch of nature, warmth and charm with this mat made of lambskins. All skins are ecologically tanned, no animals have died for this product, the skin is a byproduct of the meat industry.Since it is a natural product, the size may vary by +/- 7%. Colors may differ slightly from the images, the white color may be slightly yellowish because it is unbleached and there may be occasional hairs in different colors.

110x60 cm - Swedish lambskin - Azur blue finns i kategorin 2700. Arctic Fur är ett av märkena i vår butik och det säljs direkt av Campadre.

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Varumärke: Arctic Fur
Kategori: 2700
Artikelnummer: P505224
Säljs av: Campadre